Rapten is an oil powder and standardized to contain at least 80% auraptene purified from the oil derived from juiced Hassaku oranges.
Auraptene is expected to increase fat burning, improve lipid metabolism, inhibit platelet aggregation and AChE, and is bacteriostatic against Helicobacter pylori.

Applicability as an ingredient to drinks

Auraptene is lipid-soluble and not water-soluble on their own.
As Rapten is standardized to contain at least 80% auraptene (lipid-soluble), it cannot be mixed into drinks on its own. 

As such, we devised a formula for mixing it into drinks. Please contact us for details.

Effects on energy metabolism

Participants with high LDL cholesterol levels took 10 or 20 mg/day of Rapten for 12 consecutive weeks. Their total cholesterol levels decreased significantly.

Based on the above, we can expect Rapten to have beneficial properties that can decrease total cholesterol levels.

Product Specifications

Properties Fat soluble powder, milky white to yellow in color, with a characteristic smell
Loss on drying 1.0% or less
Auraptene 80% or over
Arcenic 2 ppm or less
Heavy metals 20 ppm or less
Total viable count 1,000/g or less
Fungi count 300/g or less
Coliform bacteria Negative

Recommended daily intake

6 – 12 mg/day

Use for

Preventing metabolic syndrome, Improving lipid metabolism, Treating inflammation

Examples of application

Supplements, health foods, etc.


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